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Conversion Programs

Graphic Converter Software - This is a great piece of software that allows you to cover graphic images to over 30 other graphic types. You can download a copy of the software. There is a charge to use the full version of the software.

Adobe Acrobat Create a PDF File(Convert to PDF Files) - This links to Adobe's website. Adobe Acrobat software that is needed to convert files to PDF format.

Win2pdf (Convert to PDF Files) - This is another program that allows you to convert files to PDF format. You can down a version to try.


General Education Web Sites

ASCD - Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development Organization website.

California Department of Education - Link to the California Department of Education's website.

California Dept. of Educ Standards - You will find the content standards for the State of California. Included are Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Fine Arts.

California Dept. of Education STAR Testing - You will find information as well as test results for the STAR (Standardized Testing and Reporting) test for public schools in California.

California School Comparisons - Ed Data K-12 - This web site profiels public schools by district. You can get school demographic information as well as information about S.T.A.R. testing.

California School Comparisons - School Wise Press - This web site profiels public and private schools. It also lists school demographic and testing information.

EdSource - Nonprofit organization dedicated to clarifying educational issues. Has questions and answers about local schools, school districts, and CA's state education system.

Federal Government Free Educational Materials - Free Materials from the Federal Government archies, records, documents.

GEM Educational Materials - This site has link to various educational resources from federal, state, university, and non-profit websites.

Great Schools - Get information on public K-12 schools in California. Also get information on STAR tests.

NEA - National Education Association Organization website.

UFT - United Federation of Teachers Organization website.


Mailing Lists for Educators

Educational Listservs - This is a nice list of listservs you can join on-line.

EduHound - You can sign up for the free weekly newsletter from their website.

Education World Mailing Lists - Subscribe to Education World's weekly newsletter or other mailing list just for educators.

Educator's Reference Desk List Servs - This is a detailed list of on-line listservs you can join. They are compiled by Eric Educational Website.

Electric Teacher Listserv List - This website has a whole list of education related listservs you can join.

Teacher Mailring - This is a nice list of mailing lists you can join. They are organized by category. Sponsored by TeacherNet.


Technology Related Sites


Annenberg/CPB - They emphasize using media and telecommunications to advance excellent teaching in American Schools. You can sign up for workshops, get math and science activites, and see what's on the Annenberg/CPB Channel.

California Department of Education Technology Offices - Provides information about grants and other programs sponsored by the California Department of Education.

California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP) - The California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP) is a statewide educational technology leadership initiative, providing assistance to schools and districts in integrating technology into teaching and learning.

Computers and the Internet - This website has a nice list of general information links related to computers and the Internet. It has info about the history of the Internet, netiquette info, keyboard shortcuts, and much more.

Curriculum Web Resource Center - Fine links to online Museums and Zoos, Projects on-line you can join, Technology links to hardware or software, etc. and to much more related to the web.

CyberSavvy - Lists acceptable use policies and uses for students to use the Internet.

Handheld Educator (PDA Ideas) - This is sponsored by Technology & Learning Magazine. This site has tons of lesson plans and articles about using Hand Held Peripherals in the classroom. (Palm Pilots, etc.) Get some great ideas on how to incorporate PDA's in your classroom.

Internet Safety - Covers some guidelines for parents to use the Internet safely.

Parent's Guide to the Internet - Published by the U.S. government. Walks parents through the use of the Internet with their children.

SafetyEd International - SafetyEd International is a non-profit organization founded in 1998 and run by volunteers with many years experience in internet safety education, child advocacy and child protection.

Superkids - This website provides educational software reviews on different educational software.

TICAL - Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership. This is a portal for administrators to provide information and resources to use and promote technology use.

U.S. Dept. of Educ, Office of Education Technology - U.S. Dept. of Education information regarding Educational Technology.

Technology Integration Ideas

About Internet Inquiry - Article that discusses five phases on internet inquiry: question, search, analyze, compose, and share.

AIMS ­ Sponsored by AIMS Education Activites Foundation. Has great lesson ideas on activities intergrating Math, Science, and Technology.

Bob's EDU Links - This website has links to web based lesson plan ideas, software use links, tutorials, as well as other great website resources.

Building Bridges with Technology - This website has links to a variet of Technology Supported Lesson Plan ideas by grade level and subject area. Sponsored by Boise State University.

Buddy Project- Provides teacher links and resources to help you integrate the Internet into your curriculum. Also has a link for you to join a collaborative on-line project as well as other great technology tools and resources.

California Learning Resource Network - Search the clearinghouse database for information and descriptions of electronic learning resources that include CDs, software, Internet sites and educational videos. Technology-integrated lessons will be the next feature.

Community Learning Network - this site was designed to help K-12 teachers integrate technology into the classroom. Here you'll find over 5,800 annotated links to educational sites with free resources, all organized by theme pages and keyword search.

Effects of Technology on Classrooms and Students - A published government publication about the effects technology has on the classroom and on student learning.

Electric Teacher - Great resources from step by step MS Office tutorials, List Serves, Educational Web Links, to Technology ideas.

For Teachers - This web site has teacher testimonies and Internet lesson ideas by teachers.

Getting to Know Your Computer Activity - This is a great lesson plan to help introduce your computer to your students. Children learn the names of the parts of a computer and get a basic introduction to how they work. Assembling their own computer with computer cutouts reinforces their understanding of computer terms.

Internet for Classrooms - This is a great website to help you make use of the Internet. They have great links by subject area, activities you can use only a daily basis, and even modules to help you learn new software.

Internet for Classrooms-Kindergarten - This is a sublink from the Internet for Classrooms homepage. Links specifically for Kindergarten teachers and students.

Linking Teaching to Technology - This is a wonderful website that everything you need to know about integrating technology into your teaching. It has technology standards, technology questionnaires, lesson ideas, etc.

PBS Teacher Source - Technology - Sponsored by PBS station this website not only provides ideas on how to integrate technology into your lessons but it also has tutorials on various topics such as e-mail, powerpoint, creating a web page and more.

Science Internet Quests - Science Internet-Based Lessons, Using the Internet as an Effective Science Teaching Tool. Great list of lesson ideas using the Internet for earth science, environmental science, Life Science, and Physical Science.

Project Based Learning, What is it? - Provides a nice introduction to PBL as well as a nice check list for project based learning projects.

Teachers @ Work - This website has a collection of educational websites organized by topic. It also has free software downloads and even Internet related activities such as web quests that you can use in your classroom.

Teachers and Technology - Ideas and answers to your questions about how to use the Internet, web quests, in your classroom.

Teaching Resources by Subject Area - This website provides you with links to other websites organized by subject area.

TEAMS - Electronic Classroom Resources for Distance Learning.

Using the Internet to Stimulate High Order Thinking ­ Explains the reasoning for webquests and provides links to help you find web quests.

WISE ( Web-based Inquiry Science Environment) - Curriculum projects incorporating science in grades 5-12. Integrates the web to help students understand and learn about the world of science.

ISTE Technology Standards

ISTE Technology Standards for Students - ISTE's National technology standards for students.

ISTE Technology Standards for Teachers - ISTE's National Technology standards for teachers.

San Diego City Schools Tech Handbook - This is San Diego City School District's Technology Handbook. It lists the knowledge and skills matrix that they developed for their students. Nice sample to look at.


Web Literacy
"Teaching Kids to be Web Literate"


Evaluating Web Pages - This website was created by UC Berkeley Library. Has 5 questions to ask yourself when looking at information out on the Internet.

Guide to Critical Thinking about the Web - Very simple website that has activities for teachers to use to teach student critical web evaluation.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators: Critical Evaluation- Kathy Schrock's website has great resources to help educators teach critical web evaluation for K-12 students. Her website has great links all about Critical Evaluation topic.



Managing the One Computer Classroom


Classroom Management Technology Tools - This is a nice list of links, forms, checklists, etc. to help you manageme technology in your classroom.

Classroom Management Plan - This is a nice introduction to ideas and issues you should consider before using technology in your classroom. Provides ideas for doing collaborative learning, project-based work, and creating learning centers in your classroom.

Managing one or a Limited Number of Computers - Tips for managing a limited number of computers in your classroom.

Managing the One Computer Classroom Powerpoint Presentation - This is an on-line powerpoint presentation all about how to manage the one computer classroom.

Managing the One Computer Classroom Article - This article covers some key concepts about how to survive in an One Computer Classroom.


Media Literacy

Center for Media Literacy - This links to the homepage of the Center for Media Literacy. They have articles as well as resources for teaching Media Literacy in the classroom.

KQED Education and Learning - Media Literacy - This is KQED's website. They have a variety of lesson plans organized by grade level all on the topic of Media Literacy.

Media Literacy - This website has tons of ideas on teaching Media Literacy in Education. It has Media Literacy standards for you to follow as you teach media literacy in the classroom.

Media Literacy Clearinghouse - This webpage is designed for K-12 educators to help them learn more about media literacy and integrate it into their classrooms. Tons of resources for educators.

Teaching Media Literacy in the Age of Edutainment (Article) - Article that was published in the Educational Technology Journal about teaching Media Literacy in an Age of Edutainment.

PBS Media Literacy Sources - Sponsored by PBS. This is a nice site that has resources, activities, web links on the topic of Media Literacy.

Online Communication Tools

Knowledge Forum - You can create your own communication space. You can share files, respond and communication with each other, etc. There is a fee to use this service.

NiceNet - Offers classrooms web tools such as document sharing, sharing messages, sharing links, scheduling, etc. Service is free for public use!

Quicktopic - This is an on-line discussion board which you can create for free. The advance features do require a fee.



Special Education & Technology


Assistive Technology Clearinghouse - This website has links to great resources relating to assistive technology solutions.

Disabilities Information & Resources - This is a website linked from University of Washington. They have information for the Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, & Technology (DO-IT) program.


Teacher Gift Ideas


Daily Apples - This website has great gift ideas, not only for teachers but also for other special events.

Teacher Gifts - This great website has tons of gift ideas for any classroom teacher. Braclets, bags, necklaces, etc.

800 Bears - This is a fun website. You can design and send a special bear to your favorite teacher. : )

Teaching Resources

Books 4 Teachers - This website has great books your can buy specifically for teachers.

Certificate Maker - This website lets you create certificates for your students.

Creative Teaching Press - Online resource for reproducibles to help you with student activities. Each month they feature different downloadable activites.

Discipline Help - Get help with discipline problems, get a tip of the week, or get recommended resources to help you manage discipline in the classroom.

Ed Helper - This website has 10960 Lesson Plans, 1223 WebQuests, 5000 Free Worksheet Generators, 1600 Word and Critical Thinking Problems, Exams and Puzzles for Standardized Tests.

Enchanted Learning - Tons of student activity sheets you can printout. Nice list of topics to choose from.

F.R.E.E.(Federal Resources for Educational Excellence) - This website has a collection of U.S. government educational resources for K-12 teachers. - Free School Stuff Directory. Has great links to free educational resources. Links such as a Worksheet Generator, Printable Calendar, Etc.

Hot Potatoes - The freeware Hot Potatoes suite includes six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web.

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Educators - This web site provides links to useful content area web sites for use to enhance classroom curriculum and for teacher growth.

Learning Page - Learning Page is a huge collection of professionally produced instructional material for you to download and print. Lesson plans, books, worksheets and much more can be found on the site.

Mind Maps & Graphic Organizers - This is a great website that gives you tons of examples of how you can use mind minds and graphic organizers in the classroom. Tons of links to blank templates you can use with your students right away.

PBS Teacher Resource - Provides schedules for educational programs as well as student activities, lesson plans, etc.

Posters 4 Teachers - This website has tons of posters your can buy for your classroom.

Pro Teacher - Has lesson plan ideas, teaching materials (some free), bulletin board ideas for teachers, and links to other good websites.

PowerPoint Games -- Tons of PowerPoint games you can download and use in your classroom. Games such as Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Password, Wheel of Fortune, Twenty Questions, and more!

PuzzleMaker Site - This website lets you create puzzles and games to print out to use in your classroom.

PreMade Puzzles - This is sponsored by Lesson Corner Website. It has some premade Crossword Puzzle, WordSearch, and Word Scrambles you can print out. Or you can create your own puzzles.

Quia Site - Quia is pronounced key-uh and is short for Quintessential Instructional Archive. Quia provides a variety of educational services, including: A directory of thousands of online games and quizzes in more than 40 subject areas, Templates for creating twelve different types of online games, including flashcards, matching, concentration (memory), word search, hangman, challenge board, and rags to riches (a quiz-show style trivia game), Tools for creating online quizzes, Quiz administration and reporting tools, Free teacher home pages

Quiz Creator - This website lets you create multiple choice and true/fals quizzes. Very easy to use and teachers and/or students can use it.

Quiz Hub - Quiz Hub lets you create on-line quizzes or even use some of their free pre-made quizzes on-line. You do need to subscribe to take full advantage of their service.

Rona's Teacher Tools - This has everything from certificates, lesson plan ideas, flash card creator, language tools, and links to other great teacher resources.

Saving Teachers Money - Learn about different money saving opportunities for teachers by signing up for their free weekly e-mail newsletter.

Screen It - This website evaluates movies, dvds, and music according to a variety of content areas such as violence, inappropriate language, music, sex and nutity, etc. Nice place to start before selecting videos or music for your kids and students.

Songs for Teaching - This website has music ideas for every subject area. Use music to promote math, language arts, social studies, science, + more.

Track Start - This is a wonderful website that helps you make your own online lesson. Or, you can use any of the already hundreds created by other teachers.

Wordsearch Creator - This is a very simple website that will allow you to create a wordsearch. You simply enter your words that you want in the wordsearch and that's it. So easy to use.

Worksheet Factory - If you're searching for quality educational software that will give you the tools you need to easily and quickly create targeted worksheets to help students gain proficiency in the basic academic skills, then you've definitely come to the right place.

Worsheets 4 Teachers - Use their ready made sheets or create your own.

Worksheet Generator - Creat a worksheet online from your own words or phrases.



Lesson Plan Web Links

42 Explore- A whole list of activities, links, thematic ideas by topic and subject area.

A to Z Teacher Stuff - Has lesson plan ideas, articles about teaching, theme ideas, as well as a place for you to connect with other teachers.

ABC Teach - This wesite has activity ideas by topics, helpful teaching resources like assignment sheets, and forums for teachers to join.

Activity Idea Place - This is designed for Pre K - 3rd grade. They boast over 1450 activities organized by subject area. There is also a bulletin board for you to post questions for fellow teachers.

Big Chalk - This website has great resources for parents, students, teachers, & librarian/media specialists. Get lesson plan ideas, read recommendations for a home computer, or find a on-line tutor.

California Dept. of Educ Standards - You will find the content standards for the State of California. Included are Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Fine Arts.

Crayola - This website has a lot of lesson plan ideas for using art in the classroom. You can search by art media, subject area, lenght of project, and/or grade level.

CyberChase - This website is designed with a variety of math lesson plan ideas for you to use. It has a parent and a teacher section. This is sponsored by PBS Kids.

Economics Education - This website has great lesson ideas to introduce K-12 students to economics.

Ed Helper - This website has 10960 Lesson Plans, 1223 WebQuests, 5000 Free Worksheet Generators, 1600 Word and Critical Thinking Problems, Exams and Puzzles for Standardized Tests.

Edu Web - Provides adventures in learning on art, science, and history. Interactive activities to use with your classroom by grade level.

Education World - This web site links to various education topics, K12 schools, Universities, Distance Learning, and Education articles.

eTap - This stands for Electronic Teaching Assistance Program. It has a collection of materials covering anything from Language Arts to Foregin Languages. It is a non profit agency dedicated to creating quality teaching materials for K-12 teachers.

Explore Math - If you are a Math teacher, you will love this website. It not only has lesson plans and activities relating to teaching Math, it has a wonderful section called, Gizmos. If you teach geometry, this site is a must!

Fun Lesson Plans - This website is geared to Preschool to -Kindergarten grade teachers. They have thematic lessons and activities that you can use in your classroom. Organized by subject area as well as by themes.

Greentown Elementary Theme Units - Has lessons on various elementary units. Has links to websites that support each theme unit.

Health Teacher - Web site to assist any health education unit.

Houghton Mifflin Social Studies Lesson Ideas - Lesson plans are available to accompany the Houghton Mifflin Social Studies text book series. Divided by grade level.

Impact II Teachers Network - Has information on grants, top curriculums, and classroom ideas as well as a on-line forum.

Innovative Classroom - This website has lesson plan ideas, thematic units, classroom management ideas, as well as bulletin board ideas a reproducibles for you to use in your classroom.

Intel - This site has free curriculum for math, science, and technology classes.

Kindergarten Connectin - provides teacher tips and lesson plan ideas and links for the kindergarten classroom.

Kodak Lesson Plans - This website is sponsored by Kodak. It progrades tons of lesoon plan ideas to integrate photography and visual elements into various subject areas.

Language Arts & Reading Website Links - Tons of different weblinks to language arts related websites. Links to grammar, literacy research info, lesson plans, grammar games, etc.

Language Arts Lesson Ideas - This website has a collection of lesson plans with handouts by Ray Saitz and many contributors; all of the lessons have been used and refined in the classroom. They have literature, writing, poetry, library lessons, as well as links to other great Writing websites.

Learning Page - This website has lesson plans, worksheets, activities for the preschool to third grade classroom. You do have to register to access their information.

Lesson Plans 4 Teachers - With over 120,000 original lesson plans found on hundreds of different sites throughout the Internet.

Lesson Plan Design Common Mistakes - This is a nice article that walks teachers through common mistakes when writing a lesson plan. This is a nice overview that goes over content as well as terminology related to writing a good lesson plan.

Lesson Plans Page - Has over 1,500 free lesson plans for PreK-12 teachers.

Lesson Plan Search - This website has tons of lesson plans sorted by categories, thematic units, printable pages, etc. You can even search for jobs off this website.

Lesson Plan Tutorial - This is a nice general tutorial to walk you through the different required parts of a good lesson plan.

Lesson Planet - It has over 30,000 Lesson Plans, Teacher Tools, Plus More! This is a PAY site so you would have to subscribe in order to access it's resources.

K-12 Project Based Learning Ideas - Interested in project based learning ? This site has sample activities for K-12.

Lesson Planz - Great site to find articles, lesson ideas, teaching tips, and even get help from other teachers.

Lesson Tutor - You will find free lesson plans, unit studies and worksheets for all levels, all abilities and all subjects of Grade School and High School. Their featured articles will give you general teaching and learning encouragement, references and support. These are all free for you to print, use and circulate.

Math Forum - Provides links to other great math websites and other resources for teaching math.

Math - Geometry - Sponsored by University of Virginia. If you use Geometer's Sketchpad or anything related to Geometry, you will love this site.

Math Lesson Plans Using Money- This is sponsored by the U.S. Mint. Tons of lessons that help use coins to teach math, history, and language arts. There's also some fun math games for kids to try out. Teacher guides to help teachers use lessons in their classroom.

Math Lessons That Are Fun - Creative math lessons to use with your students. Created by Cynthia Lanius at Rice University.

MathLine - Sponsored by PBS. This website presents video clips that take you on virtual visits to classrooms where teachers and students are engaged in standards-based math instruction.

Mathematics Reform - Promoting the rational reform of mathematics education. Articles and links to information about mathematics education. You can also join their on-line e-mail mailing list.

Math Resources - This is sponsored by the Univeristy of Virginia. It has great links to interactive math websites that cover Algebra I, II, Calculus, plus more!

PBS for Teachers - This is connected with the PBS channel. There are activities and ideas for teachers to use to accompany many of the PBS programs.

PE Central - This is a great website for PE teachers. They have lesson ideas, assessment ideas, get pe products, and top PE websites.

PE Lesson Plan Page - This website was put together by a PE Teacher, Joe Paslov. He has categories different PE activities by topic.

Pro Teacher - Has lesson plan ideas, teaching materials (some free), bulletin board ideas for teachers, and links to other good websites.

Power to Learn - This is connected to your cable channel. It has a variety of lesson plans, subject resources, and reference materials for teacher use. It is organized for student, teacher, or parent catergories.

Scholastic - This website has lesson plans, online activities, professional resources, etc. Products are produced by Scholastic, Inc.

Science Internet Quests - Science Internet-Based Lessons, Using the Internet as an Effective Science Teaching Tool. Great list of lesson ideas using the Internet for earth science, environmental science, Life Science, and Physical Science.

SMILE Program (Math & Science K-12) - Sponsored by the Illinois Institute of Technology, this website has math and science lesson ideas for K-12 grades.

Smithsonian Educational Website - This website has lesson plan ideas connected to the Smithsonian Museum.

Success Link - This website has tons of lesson plans, cooperative learning ideas, proven teaching practices, technology leadership ideas, and even help for 1st year teachers.

Teacher Created Materials - This is a wonderful company that produces materials created by teachers for teachers. They also have a tip of the month page, lesson activity ideas, and more.

Teacher's First - Website has links sorted by subject and grade level, web tutorials, discussion groups for teachers, and professional resources for teachers.

Teacher Link - You will find on this website a searchable database of annotated links to great educational resources on the World Wide Web. Also links to free teacher resources such as units, lesson plans, worksheets, multimedia, etc.

Teacher Vision - This website has lesson plan ideas, classroom management ideas, professional development resources, and it even has parent and student resources. It also has a Quiz Lab and Grade Book (both require subscription) on-line that allows you to create quizzes and keep track of your grades. This is also the place to start if you are interested in creating your own class website. My School Online web page creating is free for teachers.

Teaching K-8 - The web site is based on the teacher magazine, Teaching K-8. Tons of teaching ideas.

TeachNet - This website was created by and for teachers. Includes more than 6,000 pages of teacher-developed curriculula for Pre-K through 12th grade. Teachers can also get answers to any classroom subject matter within 48 hours.

Teachers.Net - This website has a chatboard you can connect with other teachers, lesson plans, free printable dittos, and much more.

Teacher.Org - This website has lessons created BY teachers FOR teacher. It is organized by grade level and subject area.

Teach-nology - web portal for educatiors. Get links to great sites, teaching ideas, tutorials, etc. Provides technology information such as links to on-line tutorials.

Theater Scripts (Free) - Looking for some theatre scripts you could use in your classroom? Check out this website. You can also use these for puppet plays.

The Virtual Schoolhouse -get ideas for classroom, art room, the library, and the computer lab. Take a field trip and even visit other schools on the web.

Units for Teachers - They provide you with a weekly update of thematic units available on the Internet.

Web English Teacher - Best online English/Language Arts teaching resources, lesson plans, web quests, videos, and classroom activities.

Worksheet Library - Lots of teacher created worksheets available. Some require a small fee but they offer free worksheets also.



E-Pals Website - A great website to find e-mail pals. This website helps link you to other teachers interested in keypals.


Internet Collaborative Projects

Class2Class: This website has math and science Internet Projects.

Community Learning Network - This website provides links to other websites that help you find an participate in on-line Internet projects.

Creative Connections Project - Connect to other classrooms around the world. Participate in a variety of international projects.

Friendship through Education - Great place to find and create connections with other schools around the world. Join a project or even find keypals.

GeoGame - This is a fun way to play geography. Learn and join this on-line game with your students.

iEarn - Participate in on-line projects that are rooted in real-world problems. There is a charge to join for a year as a teacher or as a school site.

Journey North - Join this global study of the wildlife migration and sesonal change global project. Find lesson plans an acitivites to help you participate in this project.

Kidlink Projects - Teachers can find meaningful projects for kids of all ages.

The Global Schoolhouse - This web site provides help to find on-line collaborative projects. Internet Project Registry.

Copyright and Fair Use Laws


Copyright Website - This website gives you the restrictions and guidelines for all the different media components (visual, audio, digital, copyright rules, etc.) Nicely organized.

Copyright & Fair Use in the Classroom - Sponsored by the University of Maryland University College. Has detailed information of acceptable fair use in the classroom, on the Internet, and on the WWW.

Stanford University Copyright & Fair Use Information Site - Provides information about copyright and fair use. Tons of links to help you find information on fair use.

Ten Myths about Copyright - An attempt to answer common myths about copyright seen on the net and cover issues related to copyright and USENET/Internet publication.

Create a Classroom Webpage
(Build it and Host it for FREE!)
( * Means they are Meant for Teachers)


DotEasy (Free Hosting - Service I Use for My Website - Click on DotEasy Button Below)
$0 Web Hosting





* My School On-line

School Notes

* TeacherWeb - Create Your Own Class Webpage

Yahoo Geocities


Sample School Websites

Brookwood Forest Elementary School

Erving Elementary School

Flower Hill Elementary School

McGehee Elementary

Montgomery Blair High School


Tips on Creating a Classroom/School Webpage

Creating a Classroom Webpage
takes you step by step on how to design a classroom webpage


HTML and Web Creation Sites

HTML: An Interactive Site for Beginners

HTML Goodies

JavaScript Source

Creating Grading Rubrics


Teach-nology Create Your Own Grading Rubric - A rubric generator that walks you throught creating a grading rubric.

Rubri Star Rubric Generator - This website also lets you create your own rubric. Has an easy rubric generator for you to use on-line. Has great examples for you to view.

Rubric Builder - This rubric generator will help you create your own rubric.

Rubrics for Teachers - This website helps you understand what rubrics are and how you can use them to assess students. There is even a rubric generator that will help you create your own rubric.

Sample Rubrics - Tons of sample rubrics for you to look at on almost every topic.

Using E-mail

E-mail Ettiquette - Some E-mail internet netiquette rules to follow.

Emoticons - Have fun using e-mail by adding emoticons.


Virtual Field Trips


Electronic Field Trip - Take an electronic field trip from this website. This site also has a variety of activities that accompany your electronic field trip.

Internet Field Trips - This website is sponsored by Scholastic. This website is nicely organized by different categories. They provide you with websites that assist you in teaching a specific topic.

Virtual Field Trips - Elementary students - Great article that introduces you to how to use Virtual Field trips with your elementary students. Also has a list of resources for you to get started.

Virtual Field Trips - This is a great site where you can view some virtual field trips to different countries. Some even have video clips.

Virtual Field Trips - This is a nice article about Virtual Field Trips on Education World's website. It provides you with links to some great on-line field trips.

Virtual Tours - Virtual Tours is a collection of tours for the World, Museums, Exhibits, Points of Special Interest and the US Government. The goal is to provide information which will enhance your journey on the Internet.


Technology Training Tutorials

Actden Software Tutorials - This is a great friendly site that has software tutorials on Office 2000, Internet, FrontPage, Outlook Express, plus more. Very graphical and friendly to use.

Atomic Learning - This site has both Macintosh and Windows tutorials that you can sign up for. You do need to subscribe to take part in the tutorials.

Electric Teacher - This website has tutorials for Word, Powerpoint, and FrontPage. Also has tons of other great ideas for using technology in the classroom.



Teaching Quotes


Motivating Moments - This website has great sayings to help motivate teachers. You do need to subscribe to access some of their archives.

Quotation's Teaching Quotes - This is Quotation's Page Teaching Quotes. They also have a main page that has tons of quotes organized by a variety of subject topics.

Teacher Humor - This link has cute jokes and cartoons to share with your fellow teachers and/or students.

Teaching Quotes - This webpage has some very simple quotes relating to teaching to help motivate your fellow teachers.

Teaching Quote of the Day - This is Board of Wisdom's website. They list daily a teaching quote of the day.


Electronic Portfolios


Definition of Portfolio Assessment

Definition of Electronic Portfolio

Electronic Portfolios Article - Office of Research

Create Your Own Electronic Portfolio


Electronic Portfolios Links

Dr. Barrett's Links on ePortfolios

Tammy Worcester's E-Portfolio


Teaching Portfolios Examples

Sample Teaching Portoflio



Building Blocks of a WebQuest + Samples

WebQuest Tutorial

The WebQuest Page

WebQuest.Org (Click on Search Link)


Some Sample WebQuests

Animals of the Rainforest (Elementary)

Insects (Elementary)

In Search of Stellaluna's Family (Elementary)

Sample Middle School WebQuests

Sample Math WebQuests

Sample Science WebQuests



Electronic Portfolios


Definition of Portfolio Assessment

Definition of Electronic Portfolio

Electronic Portfolios Article - Office of Research

Create Your Own Electronic Portfolio

EPortfolio Story

How to Create Your Own Student ePortfolio

Evolution of Student Portfolios

Portfolio Development - Collaborative Environment


Electronic Portfolios Links

Using Technology to Support ePortfolios (Links & Info)

Dr. Barrett's Links on ePortfolios

Electronic Portfolio Powerpoint & Links

Penn State Templates for a Web Portfolio

Tammy Worcester's E-Portfolio


Teaching Portfolios Examples

K-12 Portfolio Examples (Links to examples)

Electronic Teaching Portfolios - Samples

Sample PreService Secondary Teacher Portfolio

Sample Elementary Teacher Portfolio

Sample College Student ePortfolio

Sample - Junior High Student

Sample - High School Student



WebQuest Tutorial

What are they? An Introduction

The WebQuest Page

A Taxonomy of Tasks for a WebQuest

Building Blocks of a WebQuest + Samples

A WebQuest about WebQuests by Bernie Dodge

Webquest Template To Create Your Own WebQuest

WebQuest Template

Web Inquiry Projects


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Animals of the Rainforest (Elementary)

Insects (Elementary)

WebSleuth (Elementary)

In Search of Stellaluna's Family (Elementary)

Colonial Times (Elementary)

Ancient Egypt (Middle)

Civil War Journal (Middle)

Learning Roman Numerals (Middle)

Shakespeare (High School)

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